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Fruity Soap Set4x100 g

Cleanses and leaves the skin soft and nicely perfumed with fruity fragrances: Apricot, Black Currant, Green Apple, Plum.

Skin type 

Recommended use 
Daily use

Glycerin, Natural Fruit extract – Apricot, Black Currant, Green Apple, Plum


Key Ingredients


Glycerin: hydrates intensely and smooths the skin, while improving its elasticity.

Apricot extract: has moisturizing properties, which leave the skin soft and supple and create a healthier skin surface.

Black Currant extract: rich in fatty acids, which keep the skin hydrated and firm. Contains antioxidants to soothe and nourish dry and damaged skin.

Green Apple extract: has soothing and astringent properties, which tonify the skin.

Plum extract: famous for its antioxydant and moisturizing properties.