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1929, when it all started

A Swiss gentleman called Gotthilf Mettler, founder of the brand, returned from a long journey in the United Kingdom with a glycerin soap recipe handed by a British doctor. Despite the fact that glycerin soap was practically unknown in Europe at the time, Mr. Mettler detected its high potential. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to build his own soap factory and created the first glycerin soap in Switzerland: the “Soap for Doctors”.

1st Chapter

Gotthilf Mettler’s aim was to produce high quality soaps for the private and medical sectors. Thanks to its high glycerin content, glycerin soap cleanses the skin, while protecting against dryness, avoiding chapped hands that are more susceptible to catch germs and bacteria. Our glycerin soap became rapidly a must-have and more than 90 years later, the original soap factory located in Hornussen in the canton of Aargau is still operating and nowadays, our glycerin soap is sold in most Swiss pharmacies and abroad.

glycerin soap production


Mister Peter Yip, the Co-founder of the worldwide known luxury cosmetic brand La Prairie and the owner of the top luxury cosmetics Bellefontaine and La Vallée was inspired and enchanted by the quality of the glycerin soaps. He decided to buy the factory. Following the innovative path of Gottlieb Mettler and with focus on the natural, handmade & luxury quality of the soaps, he transformed Mettler into a premium Cosmetics Brand: Mettler1929 – LUXURY MADE BY NATURE for women & their families worldwide.

His revolutionary anti-aging skincare, which combines a famous Swiss apple stem cells with a cutting-edge biotechnology, has become a bestseller. 


for women & their families worldwide.

3rd Chapter

Mettler launched its new face, body and hair care brand, “Mettler1929” blending all its knowhow and experience in over 60 products. Mettler1929 formulations are mainly based on plant-derived ingredients sourced from certified suppliers. The entire product range is vegan and free of parabens. The products are only mildly fragranced and suit even the most sensitive and delicate skins.

New Magazine Mettler1929


The beauty world is filled with false information and beliefs. Is daily exfoliation recommended? Does makeup prevent the skin from breathing? Are frequent haircuts helping the hair grow faster?

With this magazine, Mettler1929 sorts out facts from fiction to inform its customers and help them build a healthy and effective beauty routine.

Discover all Mettler’s Lines

Mettler offers 9 different lines to target specific skin and hair needs