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Detox Anti-Impurities Purifying Lotion200 ml

Acts on pimples and impurity. Removes make-up residue and residual limescale and tones the skin.

With 94% of natural ingredients

Skin type
Combination and oily skin

Recommended use
Apply once a day, preferably in the evening, using a cotton pad. Do not rinse, avoid contact with the eyes.

Hamamelis Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Buckhorn Plantain, Salicylic Acid, Alcohol


Key Ingredients


Hamamelis extract: has purifying and astringent effects, while being very soft. Refines pores, clarifies, tones and soothes.

Cinnamon extract: soothes and clarifies the skin. Is famous for its antioxidant properties.

Buckhorn Plantain extract: has antioxidant, astringent and clarifying effects.

Salicylic Acid: has clarifying and soothing effects.

Detox Anti-Impurities Purifying Lotion