Freshness & Softness Intimate Care300 ml

Especially formulated to gently cleanse and bring freshness to the intimate area. Respects the balance of the vulvo-vaginal flora with a pH neutral to the skin. Is well tolerated.

0% parabens – 0% paraffin – 0% perfume – 0% ethanol
Neutral pH

All, especially recommended for sensitive skin

Use daily, rinse thoroughly.

Mimosa Extract, Panthenol, Aloe Vera Extract, Lactic Acid


Sensitive Skin

Key Ingredients

Freshness & Softness Intimate Care

Aloe Vera extract

Contains valuable minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Lactic Acid

Protects the natural pH of the intimate zone. The natural acid mantle is preserved.

Mimosa extract

Is known for its soothing and regenerating virtues. This effective ingredient soothes the skin and enhances its protective system. Is especially recommended to sensitive skins.

Panthenol (provitamin B5)

Regenerates, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Reinforces and nourishes the hair fiber.


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