Combining the latest biotechnologies with handmade Swiss know-how, Mettler offers a wide range of skin care and body care products. 


Gentle products that delicately cleanse, refresh and tone skin, while restoring extreme comfort to the skin. Among other active ingredients Mettler’s cleansing line contains Panthenol (provitamin B5) with a nourishing and smoothing effect maintaining the natural balance of all skin types.


A symbol of beauty and seduction, Hibiscus is widely known for its antioxidant and anti-free radical properties, which are used in the Mettler anti-aging line to effectively fight against cutaneous aging with optimal results. It brings significant improvement in the firmness and elasticity of the skin with a more radiant look.


Recover a radiant complexion and even skin tone, thanks to the Mettler brightening skincare line. Composed of potent botanical brightening ingredients and vitamins, this skincare line directly targets pigmentation spots and small blemishes, adding a radiant glow to skin and evening out skin tone.


The sacred flower symbolic of royalty, Iris has been used since the 17th century in cosmetic treatments for hair and skin. Its capacity to retain water for many long months in its rhizome, the flower's subterranean stem, makes this flower a high performance ingredient that delivers intense hydration to skin. The Mettler moisturizing line uses this natural property to formulate unique skincare that provides optimal results for dehydrated skin.


Mainly known for its astringent, antioxidant and even antiseptic properties, Hamamelis is combined with a blend of targeted active ingredients in the purifying skincare line for direct action on impurities and blemishes.


Referred to as the "skin tree" by Mayan healers, Mimosa is widely recognized for its medical-magical properties and highly recommended for use in cosmetic treatments. As early as the 10th century, this flower was applied to wounds and burns to alleviate pain and rapidly heal the skin without scarring. The skincare properties of mimosa used in the Mettler sensitive skin line offer protection from free radicals and stimulate cell renewal to regenerate and repair the epidermis. All products are tested under dermatological control.


The powerful stem cells used in the Mettler STC-Cell Tech line provide skin with optimal anti-aging results. Apple stem cells, widely recognized in cosmetics for their intense antioxidant, regenerating and anti-free radical activity, boost cellular vitality and longevity, while reinforcing the extracellular matrix. A high performance skincare line developed using the most recent technologies.


This Fruit Care Line contains a range of body and hair care products based on four different kind of fruits that are well-know for their nutrients and revitalizing, energizing, tonifying, or stimulating effect on the skin: blackcurrant, apricot, green apple and plum.


Mettler Glycerin Line contains a soap that concentrates the beneficial effects of glycerin and offers a daily body care treatment to clean, mosturize and sooth the skin naturally. 



Cosmetics: Free of parabens, paraffin oil, phthalates, mineral oil, GMOs, triethanolamine, preservatives Isothiazolinone and Triclosan. All products are dermatologically tested. Click here for more information.

Schampoings and shower gels: Free of parabens, paraffin oil, phthalates, mineral oil, GMOs, triethanolamine, preservatives and Isothiazolamine Triclosan, stearate salts, silicones and derivatives. All Mettler products are tested under dermatological control. Click here for more information.