Mettler is part of an authentic Swiss manufacturing tradition combining high technicality, natural ingredients, and quality of manufacture Switzerland.

As skin care expert, Mettler innovated throughout its history to create specific products that meet the needs of every skin type, for every age.

Each Mettler care line corresponds to a specific need and includes soaps, shower gel, shampoo, and innovative cosmetics.

In 1930, after a trip to England, Gotthilf Mettler imported the recipe of a famous glycerine-based soap for doctors.

This scientist choosed to transform the formula and manufacturing process to improve its moisturizing and purifying qualities.

He thus created the first Mettler Glycerin soap, also called "Doctor soap".

Mettler has gradually developed a range of soaps and hair care, drawing its main ingredients in the heart of nature.

To suit the demand, Mettler innovated and manufactured body and face care for prestigious European brands.

Recently incorporated into a Swiss cosmetics group, Mettler shares its skin expertise while enjoying the latest innovations in research and development of the group, such as biotechnology of plant origin stem cells.

Each Mettler product is manufactured according to the highest standards of Swiss manufacture.

Mettler products are free of parabens. No animal testing is carried out in the development of Mettler products.